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The proven social entrepreneurs of The New Development Solutions Group (NDSG) go  beyond “teaching a man how to fish” to mobilize the capacities of individuals and organizations to effectuate sustainable, positive impact. Our mission is to design and execute  innovative models that address both real and perceived community needs for developing world constituents whereby all stakeholders can both add and derive value.  As a selected member of the Ashoka Globalizer program NDSG is currently prioritizing the replication of its unique MicroConsignment Model throughout Latin America, Africa and Asia.
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March 26, 2010: Greg Van Kirk to Speak at University of Virginia Social Entrepreneurship Conference

March 25, 2010: Community Enterprise Solutions at the Social Enterprise Symposium at the University of Maryland

January 15, 2010: Social Entrepreneur Corps - Join our new Ashoka Fellows Flex Program!

January 15, 2010: Honored to be Selected as Ashoka Globalizers!

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The MicroConsignment Model

The priority focus of the work of the New Development Solutions Group (NDSG) is to create access to essential products and services in rural developing country villages through sustainable entrepreneurship. In order do achieve this, NDSG created and implements  the MicroConsignment Model (MCM) through Community Enterprise Solutions with the support of Social Entrepreneur Corps.  The MCM empowers and teaches all involved--the rural poor, rural micro entrepreneurs, NGO’s/social enterprises and donors/investors-- how to effectively and efficiently address poverty in a sustainable and scalable way. The MCM delivers essential products, services and information at affordable prices that have a positive economic and health impact.   Through consignment rather than loans, MCM, entrepreneurs can overcome high uncertainty and are trained, equipped and supported.  They are a continuous source of new real time market knowledge. They offer a growing number of appropriate solutions that address the real needs, perceived needs and desires of populations at the “base of the pyramid” through village campaigns. MCM is unique in that it addresses the “what” (essential products and services), the “who” (rural villagers), the “where” (rural villages) by creating a “how” (a highly scalable local distribution network of entrepreneurs) that acts as an ongoing mechanism to solve myriad healthcare and income/expense obstacles confronting the most vulnerable rural populations.  Read more about the MicroConsignement Model here or read Co Founder Greg  Van Kirk’s recent case for Innovations Journal titled: "The MicroConsignment Model: Bridging the 'Last Mile' of Access to Products and Services for the Rural Poor."

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